SAP 048: Interview with Jacob about Selling Medicare by Phone

This is an interview with Jacob, whom I met in person in Banff, Alberta Canada on the 2018 Cigna Top Producer’s trip in June 2018.

Jacob started in the insurance field doing traditional, in-person meetings with clients. He then grew into an agency. Several years ago, he was exposed to the fact that you can do all of it via the phone and contact more clients in less time.

Now, Jacob’s agency is throughout the country and operates 100% by telephone.

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SAP 047: Where We All Came From | Encouragement Toward Success

From Portugal:

We are in Lisbon, Portugal on the Manhattan Life Chairman’s Club trip. Last week, we were with Cigna in Banff, Alberta Canada. Both of these trips were the result of our entire agency’s production, and they have provided great opportunities to network with other top producers from around the USA.

In this episode, I talk about what is usually not talked about. The subject of where we all came from that has given us the drive to do what we do, long after the typical folks have gone home. Each one of us has something that we’re doing it for. Going away from the past, and moving toward a better future for our family, our kids, our employees, and the clients we can serve in a better way.

I hope you are encouraged.

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SAP 046: It’s about Community | Help with Insurance Sales

It’s about community – we need interaction with people at various stages of their business to be reminded that we are in business FOR ourselves but not BY ourselves. You are not alone!

This business can make one feel alone and isolated. We have to break through that, reach out and make relationships, and encourage each other. Don’t suffer in silence. You are going through what we have all gone through but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called RESIDUAL INCOME. Yes, it’s worth it.

Happy Independence Day! I hope you all have an AMAZING July 4th with your loved ones!

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SAP 045: Medicare Advantage Agent Adding Medicare Supplements

Often lately, agents who had spent their entire Medicare career solely focused on Medicare Advantage are starting to add Medicare Supplements to their product offerings.

Sometimes coming from a captive organization where MAPD was the only thing they could sell, they often have difficulty making the transition into offering Medicare Supplements.

This video covers the integration of Medicare Supplements into an MAPD-only focused agent’s practice and the fact that asking for the sale is a slightly different animal when a monthly premium is involved.

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SAP 044: Why Sell Medicare Supplements – How to Sell Medicare Supplements by Phone

Should you sell Medicare Supplements?
Why should you sell Medicare Supplements
and How do you sell Medicare Supplements by phone?

These are questions answered in this 2014 webinar by Chris Westfall of, a membership site for Medicare Supplement professionals with tools, latest industry updates, and training on how to effectively market Medicare Supplements across the country by phone

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SAP 043: Companies Don’t Care About You? Who Do You Listen To?

Who you choose to do business with, matters. It matters a great deal.
With MANY new Johnny-Come-Lately’s to the internet-agent-education space, it’s more important than ever to be careful about who you spend your most important investment (time) with.

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SAP 042: Facts Tell, Stories Sell – Building Trust in the Medicare Space is Everything

How you approach each conversation makes all the difference in the world. Facts tell, stories sell. You have to learn to connect emotionally to the needs, desires, fears, and frustrations of the prospects before you can FACTUALLY communicate their options in an effective way.

If you try to communicate like Mr. Spock on Star Trek, or Joe Friday, the detective “Just the facts, Maam.” you will never be able to scale your business effectively or generate happy referrals from your smaller-than-necessary client base.

The most effective thing you can do is work on your ability to EMPATHIZE and communicate based on THEIR world view, not yours. You can only do that with a huge emphasis on listening vs. telling every fact that you know.

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SAP 041: What Makes Agents Fail in the Medicare Business?

The number one reason that agents fail in the Medicare niche market is that they have a misplaced expectation that every call will be a one-call close. Those “boiler rooms” that are PUSHING folks into the one-call close have a HORRIBLE persistency record with the carriers.

That is, when you shove a product down someone’s throat, assuming the sale, assuming the application, building just enough trust where they will tell you ANYTHING to get you off the phone, you will not be in business for long. That is 100% SALES and 0% concern for the client.

If you want to build a GOOD, solid business for residual income, build relationships, not check-marks on a scoresheet of how many one-call closes you pulled off today.

Another big factor is that new agents believe that their first few conversations will yield that sale. It might take 30 people being put in your pipeline for weeks before you have one sale. If you quit just before the pipeline starts coming out the other side, you will NEVER see the residual income grow.

You get better, the pipeline gets more full, and people start coming back to you based on the way you made them feel. THAT is what this business is about – your obligation to build trust.

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SAP 040: Burn the Plow – What I learned from TD Jakes

“Burn the Plow” and other great business lessons from TD Jakes.

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SAP 039: We are in a very small niche – Please Be Nice!

We all experience frustrations with carriers from time to time, BUT, you don’t want to be the one having your contract terminated because you cannot control your mouth on the phone with the carrier, trying to fix a problem by creating new ones!

Please be nice to the folks that support us, even the commission folks when things get screwed up. Even the Underwriting department when they’ve screwed something up. We must remember that we are in the people business and people make mistakes. We all do.

The best advice is to make sure your reputation is one of someone they enjoy doing business with and that you don’t cause someone working at one of these companies to have a crappy day because you have one issue. Your reputation, in this very small niche of Medicare insurance, will definitely get around – good or bad, over time!

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SAP 038: Are you an insurance agent? If so, go all in.

What do you tell people that you do for a living?
Do you keep your financial practice top secret?
By telling others what you do, including friends and family, you COULD be turning on the faucet to opportunities to help those you care about and those they know, too.

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SAP 037: Starting An insurance Business with Credit Issues and No Money

Very common question, “Can I start as an independent agent with no money and very bad credit?” The short answer is: NO

This video seeks to answer one of the most common questions a new, potential agent has about starting as an insurance agent, either with Medicare Supplement sales or Final Expense life insurance.

With bad credit, companies are not likely to advance commissions. With really bad credit (recent bankruptcies, pending/recent foreclosures, etc.) they are not likely to contract with you at all.

Why? Because they see it as a fiduciary risk where your intentions might be to stay afloat, financially, at any cost, including costing them money by writing bad or fraudulent business.

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SAP 036: Medicare Supplement Leads – Review

Is it too much trouble to actually control the incoming prospects into your MARKETING business? No, it is a huge facet of any business, to control its marketing. In this, or any other MARKETING business, this is something best to NOT to pursue blindly with a credit card in your hand.

It is WORTH learning about marketing. It is WORTH testing different approaches until you find the one that fits you the best. It is worth attending conferences, networking with other agents, researching ongoing trends in lead generation so that YOU can cut out the “middle man” and do it yourself. Imagine, if your leads are marked up 100%, which is really around 500%, but if they were just marked up 100% and you continued to rely on that lead generation method for a 20 year career.

Much much have you lost in 20 years where you could have merely decided to invest once in the knowledge to do it yourself and reap the rewards month after month, year after year. Cut out the “middle man”. Do it yourself.

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SAP 034: Duplication and then Scale

If you are comfortable where you are, great! Keep doing what you’re doing.

Whatever you’re comfortable doing is your current state of limitation. Just outside of your comfort zone is where your BREAKTHROUGH is.

Choosing what state to sell in, how to sell (face to face vs. phone), etc. can mean the difference between $30,000 a year in income vs. $80,000 PER MONTH in income.

It’s up to you. It works.
You do what you’re comfortable doing.

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SAP 035: Focusing on your Strengths

Success and Failure in the Medicare niche of the insurance industry. This was a frank conversation on a recent Saturday morning.

Key: Focus on your strengths, fill your weaknesses with others who are best in that area. You cannot be all things to all people. Knowing where I’m weak allows me to hire to compensate for that.

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SAP 033: When to Hire Extra Help in Your Medicare Business

This is the question submitted by one of our members, and it is asking when to hire additional help as the business is starting to grow. (Read by speech-to-text with the computer voice!)

“So, I re-watched your video from a couple weeks ago about delegating authority. I know that I am very new, but I am trying to streamline the learning curve as quickly as possible and grow the business as fast as I can. I wanted to ask your advice…

If I were to hire one person now to help me, could you give me an idea of what duties would be most important?

1) Should I hire a licensed agent or an administrative person? Or hire somebody to perform admin duties who is also licensed so he/she can also write business?
2) How do you recommend I pay them? (hourly, flat fee per deals, etc.??)
3) Do you pay your staff as independent contractors, or do you W2 them and pay payroll taxes, etc?

I am currently working all day from about 7:30am until well into the night sometimes 10-11pm trying to do all my administrative chores while making cold calls in the am, and during the peak hours in the pm, and also following up on all the calls my telemarketers set up for me throughout the day (I bought trained telemarketers through )

I started doing this full time in the middle of October. So the first couple months were a bit slow, and now things are starting to come together, but I want to automate and delegate more. 2 weeks ago I had 5 new applications and last week I had 6. This week I have 0 so far. My goal each week is 7 new apps. I have not hit it yet. I’ll be happy if I hit 20 for the month. I’m having good conversations but I hoping you can give me suggestions to improve. I’d like to know how your business is set up. Perhaps your operation is too big, but maybe something like the way Eugene has set his up is something I can model. It’s my understanding he has himself, one or 2 agents and an admin person.

So if I could only afford to bring on one person now, where would my money be best spent, or am I putting the cart before the horse?”


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SAP 032: Shiny Object Syndrome

Many of us are guilty of constantly seeking the next “shiny object”, thinking that it will be, finally, the solution to easy profits with MUCH less effort.

While there is a lot to be learned from attending seminars, buying courses, and studying non-stop, there is a point where a successful person stops searching for the next-great-thing, and actually goes to work.

When you find yourself circling around to the things you’ve already seen before, and YOU have not implemented anything, it’s time to look in the mirror and make a decision. Which way are you going to go?

Come see us…

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SAP 031: Checklists Can Save Your Business

Every professional uses a checklist in their business so that important items are not missed on a regular basis. In this latest edition of Medicare sales training, Chris Westfall talks about how NOT having a checklist can bring liability, bad reviews, and angry clients.

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SAP 027: Never Choose Failure

Please excuse this long-overdue rant, that comes along about every six months, when a new agent presents to me a list of excuses as to why this industry, helping seniors, is not working for them. is a site dedicated to best practices in the delivery of Medicare benefits to our greatest generation. It is run by Christopher Westfall, who has been a licensed agent for over 19 years. Christopher helps to facilitate the on-going discussion between insurance professionals who are constantly seeking the best for their practice and for their clients.

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SAP 030: Best Marketing Practices for Insurance Success

Even the Pony Express only lasted 19 months before a better method of communication was found!
“During its 19 months of operation, it reduced the time for messages to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to about 10 days. From April 3, 1860 to October 1861, it became the West’s most direct means of east–west communication before the telegraph was established and was vital for tying the new state of California with the rest of the United States.”

What method have you settled on for the marketing and communication of your insurance proposal to clients? Are you still using the insurance version of the old Pony Express? Perhaps, if your horse is tired, it’s time to change horses – or better yet, change methods altogether?

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SAP 029: What NOT to Say When Selling By Phone

The words you use can have an impact on whether or not conversations are productive or they are not. Sometimes, subtle things you say can influence the conversation in a negative way.

Here is one example in this video by Chris Westfall, talking about triggers that lead to an interruption in the flow of the telephone sale when it comes to insurance or anything else.

See: for more help on how to sell Medicare insurance by phone

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SAP 028: Voicemail Effectiveness

Do you take the machine gun approach to leaving a voicemail?
Or are you thoughtful in the message that you leave, encouraging with your tone of voice, diction, speed, and message for the person to call you back?

This is a drastic example of what not to do..

1) Who are you?
2) What are you calling about? (“What’s in it for me?”)
3) Phone number given, twice, at writing speed.

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SAP 026: Medicare Supplement Marketing Tips from the Fair

At the Coastal Carolina Fair in Charleston, SC, I saw some very interesting similarities between the marketing tactics employed by the fair and those used by some insurance agents in the Medicare Supplement market.

Captive agents think that, somehow, every person can fit within their plans. This is often like fitting a square peg into a round hole. It is not always a good idea to attempt it!

Independent Medicare agents find the best solution in any local market and provide full transparency in the process. This allows the senior client to trust that they not only have the BEST available plan in their market, but they also know that this agent can continue to shop the market in the future, if their rate increases get out of the norm with their chosen carrier.

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SAP 025: Best Tech for Insurance Sales by Phone

It is very important to have the best possible technology if you are relying on technology in your business. When selling insurance by phone, like we do, it is best to have the best machine you can afford.

A quick audio from South Beach, while on the Aetna award trip from 2018.

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Medicare Agent Training

SAP 024: Smart or Broke. Your Choice

Would you rather do what’s necessary to continually study your craft? Or would you rather earn less than you should and create a much lower lifestyle than you should have?



SAP 023: Medicare Results Finishing 2015

How did we end 2015?

Chris Westfall’s office (personal production) ended 2015 in record territory. Referrals from existing clients and new clients getting onto Medicare for the first time led to record numbers.

Chris has qualified for the Mutual of Omaha Rome trip in April and AETNA’s Iceland trip in May.

And we’re off to a great 2016, already!  Listen to the podcast audio below:



Medicare Training for Agents

Medicare Supplement Underwriting Training

SAP 022: Just Activity? Or Successful Results

Over the years, Chris has learned the difference between just being busy for busy sake vs. doing things that will achieve the best, possible results for our time investment in this business.

Many agents still believe that writing applications all day is their only mission, and they’ll write an application on anyone that says, “Yes.” Those anxious folks that are very eager to get going with you should be the ones you spend the most amount of time trying to find out why they are disqualified from the beginning.

The art of asking the right questions, in this case – all of the health questions, before moving into an application setting AT ALL, is critical if you want to have enough time to spend with those that are qualified.


Medicare Training for Agents


SAP 021: Taking Imperfect Action Now!

Chris has learned in his business the value of taking (imperfect) action NOW.

Here, Chris shares some thoughts as he was driving two hours back to his home after a very successful meeting with a group of seniors.

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SAP 020:How and When to Fire a Client, and Q&A

When should you pull the plug on working with a client?

Chris Westfall’s answer is: “As soon as possible!”

Chris asks his employees, “How much STUFF do we take from people?”
(rude, obnoxious, angry, bitter)  and the answer should be “None”.

If an existing client is angry about something that happened with their coverage, we endeavor to find a solution and help them through the situation as best we can. If someone just wants to be rude because that is their nature, it’s best not to take them on as a client to begin with.

In this podcast, Chris answers the question, “3 out of 4 of my last Medicare cases were declined. What’s going on?”

And, “What is the difference of getting contracted through an FMO vs. going direct to a carrier?”

For more detailed analysis, see the webinars at

Listen to the Podcast:


SAP 019:Tangible Follow-up Requirement with Seniors

Chris Westfall on the importance of tangible follow up when working with seniors

Selling insurance over the phone and being able to help seniors across the country is great. However, many agents forget that personal touch that means so much to the senior generation.

In this podcast, Chris talks about the immediate effect of providing tangible follow up when seniors are confronted with various choices in the market as to whom they will do business.

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SAP 018:Medicare Supplement Sales – Getting Started

Chris Westfall on getting started with Medicare Supplements

Over 200,000 seniors are turning 65 each month in the United States. This is a HUGE opportunity for those agents who know how to get in front of this “silver tsunami”!

In this podcast, Chris Westfall talks about marketing to seniors using various methods and what he has learned since getting his insurance license in 1995 up to today.

Here are some great, free resources from Hubspot on creating INBOUND marketing:

The Bad News: Traditional marketing is broken. Blasting your message out to the masses — via cold-calling, print advertising, T.V., non-solicited email etc. — is becoming less effective and more costly.

The Good News: To walk you through the entire process of taking your business to the inbound level, we’ve put together this inbound marketing kit comprised of our top resources.

The kit contains: an introductory guide to internet marketing, blog post templates, a search engine optimization (SEO) guide and a whole lot more.

Listen to the Podcast:


SAP 017: Before you even get started, what it takes.

Chris Westfall on what it takes to be successful

What is the first, most important factor before starting this or any business?
It all begins between your two ears.

“What you think determines how you act and that determines what you get.” – James Schramko

Here is “The Self Confidence Formula” from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich:

First. I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action toward its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action.

Second. I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action, and gradually transform themselves into physical reality; therefore, I will concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily, upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person.

Third. I know through the principle of autosuggestion, any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it, therefore, I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF CONFIDENCE.

Fourth. I have clearly written down a description of my DEFINITE CHIEF AIM in life, and I will never stop trying, until I shall have developed sufficient self-confidence for its attainment.

Fifth. I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure. Unless built upon truth and justice therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects. I will succeed by attraction to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people. I will induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others.

I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, but developing love for all humanity; because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.

I will cause others to believe in me, because I will believe in them and in myself.

I will sign my name to this formula, commit it to memory and repeat it aloud once a day, with full FAITH that It will gradually influence my THOUGHTS and ACTIONS so that I will become a self-reliant, and successful person.

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SAP 016: Chris Westfall Interview on “The Lead Jerk” Show

Chris Westfall did a guest interview of the “Lead Jerk” with Matt Lowery.

Matt Lowery, aka “The Lead Jerk” did an interview with Chris Westfall about the world of Medicare Supplements and, specifically, offering them successfully to seniors by telephone.

Chris has been a licensed agent since 1995 and began offering Medicare Supplements in 2008.
By leveraging technology, he figured out how to calm the fears seniors initially have when conducting business by phone and has successfully built a practice with thousands of clients and over 1,000 agents under contract in 42 states.

In this interview, Chris talks about how he got started with Medicare Supplements and the transition from a phone-only sale into an internet-enhanced presentation that builds trust and allows the senior to save money by obtaining the best possible Medicare Supplement plan.

Listen to the Podcast:

Secret to Closing the Sale

SAP 015: Secret to Closing the Sale

What is the closely guarded secret to closing the sale?

You’d be surprised. You’d also be surprised to know HOW MANY agents out there never get around to asking for the sale. Not once.

They put all of the facts out there. They make a case for moving the business. They show how easy the process WOULD be. Then, they provide absolutely no opportunity to take action. These agents feel, and I’ve literally heard this from them, “Well, if they are interested they’ll call me back!”

See the book referenced in the Podcast here:

For more specific best-practices training on How to Sell Medicare Supplements by Phone, visit

 Listen to the Podcast:

Medicare Training for Agents

SAP 014: Should an Agent Have a Website and Facebook Page?

Answering the question, “Should I work on a website, Facebook page, etc.?”

The answer is yes, but it is absolutely critical to understand when to do this important business activity. We have seen far too many agents suffer the consequences of “busy work” in their enterprise, which does not help any seniors nor sell any policies.

Busy work exists soley to distract the agent from the unpleasant reality of having to talk to a live human being, and it should be recognized, and avoided during business hours.

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SAP 013: Focus on Activity or Focus on Result?

Should a sales person focus on activity in their day or focus on a daily result?
One brings tremendous business, and one brings much stress.

Watch the video or listen below:


SAP012: Local Marketing for Medicare Supplements

How can you market in your local community for Medicare Supplements?

How can you reach seniors close to home for very little money out of pocket?

Campbell has done just that, in a small town in Georgia. He has built a significant residual income in the process and now works from referrals. Listen to our follow-up interview with Campbell, two years after he started his local marketing campaign. This interview was conducted the week of December 8th, right after the Annual Election Period for Medicare, and Campbell was tired!

How to cold call for Medicare sales - from

SAP 011: Cold Calling for Medicare Supplement Sales

Can you successfully learn cold calling for Medicare Supplements?

In a recent webinar, Chris Westfall interviewed Joe from Florida. Joe is a relatively new agent to Medicare Supplements and has started, just a few months ago, cold calling for Medicare Supplements.  He is doing very well and shares some of what he has learned.

Listen to the podcast, and view more material at

Joe obtained his discounted price on the predictive dialer, demographic suggestions and recommended states to sell in, from

South Carolina Medicare Plans

SAP 010: Chris Westfall Radio Interview on Medicare Plans

Chris Westfall was given an opportunity to be a LIVE guest on a radio program in Charleston, South Carolina to talk specifically about Medicare plans.

Chris met the show’s host through networking locally in the Charleston, SC area.
This gave Chris an opportunity to present his web site for South Carolina titled,

Listen to the interview here..



SAP 009: Cancelling a Medicare Supplement Policy

“When a new one is approved, how do you go about cancelling the OLD Medicare Supplement policy?”

This was a question from a member at

Listen to the podcast where this is answered

“How do you cancel a Medicare Supplement policy?”

Questions answered include:

  • When should you cancel a new Medicare Supplement policy?
  • Do you call, or does the client call the old company?
  • Is a form required to cancel an old policy?
  • Can they get their old policy back?
  • Is there any grace period?

SAP 008: Company Ratings and Medicare Supplements

“Is it true that company ratings are not that important due to companies already being vetted and approved by Medicare to sell supplements?

… and has a Medicare Supplement company ever gone under?
If so, does Medicare cover their liabilities?”

This was a question from a member at

I am very seldom asked about the company’s letter rating, when I help seniors with their Medicare Supplement plan. It is important to know the distinction between what is important and what is not important.

Listen to the podcast where this is answered:


SAP 007: Is it legal to cold call for Medicare sales?

Can I legally call someone and talk about Medicare Supplement plans?

This is a question that was asked by a new agent this week.

The agent said she had heard that you can lose your license, pay a fine, etc. for cold calling someone about Medicare plans.

What the agent is referring to is the marketing of Medicare Advantage Plans.
You can find the marketing rules from CMS about Medicare Advantage plans here.

However, in most all states, it is perfectly legal to telemarketing / cold call, door knock, and approach seniors about Medicare Supplement plans. Only two states, that I know of, have restrictions on the marketing of Medicare Supplement plans.

Those states are Ohio and California.
Near the end of this podcast, I have several suggestions for various new ways to market Medicare Supplement plans through centers of influence.

Those referenced interviews are found at

How to sell medicare by phone

SAP 006: Telemarketing for your own sales

How much calling is involved when starting as just me?

One of the biggest challenges I faced was letting go of the telemarketing to someone else.

It was the best decision I ever made, though.

I would call around 400 numbers a day. I would break it up into 2 hour segments.
One in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Continue reading

Westfall as a Deputy Sheriff

SAP 005: From Deputy Sheriff to Medicare Specialist

From Cop to Running My Own Shop


If I can go from being a sergeant with the sheriff’s office, ordering around criminals AND other deputies, to working with seniors on their financial plans, then YOU can do it, too.

In law enforcement, we were taught to take command of the scene.
Command presence is all you need, 90% of the time, to show up with posture and start making things happen. WIth sales, that’s a 180 degrees different.

As an insurance agent working with seniors, you must develop the skills of a salesperson.
You have to focus on active listening instead of having the solution right off the cuff.

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Author Unknown

Success or Failure is a Choice

SAP 004: What makes an agent successful?

What is the difference between a successful agent and a failure in this business?

The answer: A decision.

More help on prospecting can be found at

If you have planned well and set good goals, you can have confidence that you know where you want and need to go. If you have done what you need to do to prepare yourself to win, you do not have to worry. You will have no justification to worry about failure. You can expect to win! Good action today will produce good living tomorrow ~ Zig Ziglar


When can you enroll in a Medicare Supplement?

SAP 003: When can you enroll in a Medicare Supplement?

Answering the question:

“When can someone sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan?”

So often, seniors, and even agents, believe that seniors can only sign up with Medicare Supplement plans during one period during the year. That is not true.
They can sign up for a new Medicare Supplement plan 365 days per year, as long as their health, or a special election period, allows.


Questions answered in this podcast were submitted by members

How to sell Medicare Supplements in other states

SAP 002: How can I market Medicare Supplements in other states?

Answering the question:

“How can I sell Medicare Supplements in other states?

Agents that are adept at selling by telephone understand that they are not limited to the scope of their local marketing area. They soon want to expand their marketing to more lucrative areas of the country. This can be very easily done and this episode goes through the considerations of selling in other states.

Get the non-resident licensing here –

List of Fees for each state –

Questions answered in this podcast were submitted by members of

sell Medicare by phone logo nontrans


SAP 001: Welcome to the Senior Agent Podcast


In this first episode, the following question is answered:
“Should I become a captive agent or an independent agent? What’s the difference?”

Chris Westfall runs a very successful Medicare agency out of Charleston, South Carolina, where he has thousands of clients across 46 states, helping all of his clients by telephone.

These are questions submitted by members at