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SAP 116: How to Create Raving Fans at Our Insurance Agency

How we get raving fans and tons of referrals by providing value first.

We help seniors with Medicare insurance, from coast to coast.

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SAP 066: Keep getting the SAME objection?

There’s a reason for that.
From Grand Cayman today..answered two support tickets that might help someone else.
πŸ“ 1) What is THE script?

First, scripts can be found on this page to start the conversation, and there is also a flow chart at the top of the page for the call flow:

You can hear Joe’s awesome interview and his effective cold call presentation here:

πŸ“ 2) Keep getting the same objection and are losing the sale because of it.

You need to raise this continually-arising issue before they do. It should be addressed IN your presentation of whichever plan you are describing. If you leave it out, or describe it in weak or unresolved terms, it will continue to plague the sale. If you SOLIDLY incorporate the solution, in proper context, DURING the explanation of the an, it will not be a problem.

This is a good example video of this concept:

So, as we leave the Cayman Islands and head to Mexico to explore the Mayan ruins tomorrow, I hope you are having a great week!

-Christopher Westfall

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SAP 064: Deciding to Press Forward and Grow

πŸ”₯ NOW is the time for some folks to step out in faith and grow your business.
πŸ’₯ YOU cannot do it all on your own.
πŸ’₯ YOU were not meant to do it by yourself.
πŸ’₯ When YOU are convinced it works:
🚨 GO BIG or GO HOME! 🚨

πŸ† I want to personally encourage you that this business is just like any other, where you will soon reach the upper limit on how many clients YOU can acquire in a given day.
πŸ† You will reach saturation with how many cases YOU can service and support.
πŸ† When you reach frustration with doing it all, HIRE HELP! You will be glad you did.
πŸ…Hire Slow & Fire Fast (When you have to, and you will.)

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SAP 063: Sample Agent Video Consultation


These are small clips of an agent consultation February 6, 2019. As these are questions I get quite frequently, I wanted to pull them out and post them here, publicly. The opinions in this video are my own and just opinions based on experience. The statements made are not intended for any audience other than those in the consultation and may or may not apply to you.

My agency exists to help seniors through their challenges of finding their best Medicare insurance plan and to help like-minded agents to do the same when there is a fit of working together. I do not choose to help ALL seniors and do not choose to help ALL agents.

This is a lifestyle business where I am reinvigorated by the ability to help people every single day! See what we’re doing at https://MedicareAgentTraining.com for agents and https://SeniorSavingsNetwork.org for seniors

As always, for helpful agent information, visit MedicareAgentTraining.com

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SAP 046: It’s about Community | Help with Insurance Sales

It’s about community – we need interaction with people at various stages of their business to be reminded that we are in business FOR ourselves but not BY ourselves. You are not alone!

This business can make one feel alone and isolated. We have to break through that, reach out and make relationships, and encourage each other. Don’t suffer in silence. You are going through what we have all gone through but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called RESIDUAL INCOME. Yes, it’s worth it.

Happy Independence Day! I hope you all have an AMAZING July 4th with your loved ones!

As always, for helpful agent information, visit MedicareAgentTraining.com

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SAP 033: When to Hire Extra Help in Your Medicare Business

This is the question submitted by one of our members, and it is asking when to hire additional help as the business is starting to grow. (Read by speech-to-text with the computer voice!)

“So, I re-watched your video from a couple weeks ago about delegating authority. I know that I am very new, but I am trying to streamline the learning curve as quickly as possible and grow the business as fast as I can. I wanted to ask your advice…

If I were to hire one person now to help me, could you give me an idea of what duties would be most important?

1) Should I hire a licensed agent or an administrative person? Or hire somebody to perform admin duties who is also licensed so he/she can also write business?
2) How do you recommend I pay them? (hourly, flat fee per deals, etc.??)
3) Do you pay your staff as independent contractors, or do you W2 them and pay payroll taxes, etc?

I am currently working all day from about 7:30am until well into the night sometimes 10-11pm trying to do all my administrative chores while making cold calls in the am, and during the peak hours in the pm, and also following up on all the calls my telemarketers set up for me throughout the day (I bought trained telemarketers through http://TrainedTelemarketers.com )

I started doing this full time in the middle of October. So the first couple months were a bit slow, and now things are starting to come together, but I want to automate and delegate more. 2 weeks ago I had 5 new applications and last week I had 6. This week I have 0 so far. My goal each week is 7 new apps. I have not hit it yet. I’ll be happy if I hit 20 for the month. I’m having good conversations but I hoping you can give me suggestions to improve. I’d like to know how your business is set up. Perhaps your operation is too big, but maybe something like the way Eugene has set his up is something I can model. It’s my understanding he has himself, one or 2 agents and an admin person.

So if I could only afford to bring on one person now, where would my money be best spent, or am I putting the cart before the horse?”

See: http://MedicareAgentTraining.com

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